• Generally we have a straightforward refund policy
    • Customer has used plan benefits → No Refund
    • Customer has not used plan benefits for the billing period → Offer Refund
  • All refunds are at Tiny API discretion and is handled on case by case basis

Forgiveness request

Tiny API alerts users via email when they reach their quota limits. On occasion, a developer may have a bug in the system or inadvertently generate large overages. In these instances, he or she may reach out to us or you (the API provider) to ask for the overage fee to be waived. We do not refund any overage without your explicit permission. We leave these instances to your discretion as an API provider and fellow developer.

Failed payments

Tiny API makes several attempts to collect a payment before failing and cancelling a user's subscription. API publishers are notified when a subscription payment has failed they can opt-for soft limit or hard limit.